Am back with the second post … already! Cool, eh? Why was I posting at 3 AM? As a VA most of your clients are going to be from the US or if you are lucky from the UK. A good VA always makes sure she (yes, I am a sexist) is available during her client’s working hours. Now this can be totally awesome as you get to wake up at 12 PM and get to work at around 1 PM after a slow, luxurious breakfast. On the flip-side, this means, no trips to the cinema or a restaurant with friends/family who work less crazy hours. Most of the time you’ll find yourself doing these things alone. Or as in my case, with your 7 years old son. Or, or, you have to wait for the weekend.

Another flip – the world around you does not understand that working from home is real work. Yep, that’s the worse one. You have been at your computer writing content for a dry-cleaning website, or trying to sell condos in Connecticut (you literally have to look-up what a condo is??), or for a blog dedicated to children’s furniture and just then your 3rd cousin on your father’s side calls to say she is in town and would like to visit. You politely tell her you are working from 2 PM to 3 AM and she can come in the morning. She bangs down the phone and bitches about you acting high-and-mighty because obviously you are lying. Or, listen to this one … your hubbie comes home and demands lunch, tea, his socks when you are in the middle of a call with your client. This leads to a long argument with him telling you he just came back from work while you been sitting at home getting manicures. NOW THIS STINGS! Erm, what was this post about again? Oops … erm …. you get it right?

So, you think the perks are being powerfully overshadowed by the disadvantages? YOU ARE WRONG!

I love my work. Seriously, I do! You don’t have no office politics, don’t have to worry about what to wear to work, don’t have to drive across town to get to work and get your salary cut ‘coz you were a minute late (yep, has happened to me .. another story), no annoying co-workers. You choose who you want to work with; there are no bosses, just clients. If you are not happy, you do just the hours you were hired for and then walk out and still get a good reference in 99% of cases. You work as much as you want to and as much as you get paid for and not any more. Plus, the pay is good. Not initially – it’s a hard struggle I tell you. But you work on your resume and it gets better I promise you.

Are you excited yet? I am! Just so you are hooked … more later. xxx


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