Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen! *applause* Thanks for the warm welcome to blogosphere after an absence of nearly 6 years. I am not sharing with you my past blog – too personal, whiny, immature, funny, witty, wonderful, amazing … ahem. Too personal. But, here I am again and this time I have sworn to meself I am not going to hide behind any pseudonyms. I am Natalia Petrova Tsarovich from Russia. Ummm … OK well not. I am Maria from Pakistan, mom of 2, proud owner of my tiny all-women virtual firm, Women’s Digital League. Yep, I belong to that breed of strange-beings who speak an alien language that the rest of my country-fellows have yet to wake up to. Actually, that’s the whole reason behind starting the blog … I am sick and tired of people asking me what I do and not taking “I am a VA” as an answer. Nobody gets it, noone understands … GOSH I AM HAVING IDENTITY ISSUES NOW! UGH! I have lofty aims … by the time I am done with this blog you will all know what a VA is. First lesson, VA stands for Virtual Assistant. And I’ll leave you at that.


P.S. What the hell am I doing creating a blog and writing my first post at past 3 AM? Welcome to a Pakistani VA’s life. More on that later. xxx


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