Lesson 3: There is no Lesson 3

Yep, you heard me right. There is NO Lesson 3. I have told you all you need to know in 2 lessons about what VA is and how to get started. You know what to expect, what to do, the do’s and dont’s. It’s that simple! What you need now is to get your ass out there and work it off. Why didn’t I tell you there were just 2 lessons? Because I wanted you dummies to understand you don’t need to pay $$$ to attend some crappy 4 day workshop to hear someone like me tell you how it’s done (trust me I have been offered to speak at workshops). It will be a complete waste of both your time and money. Some crook will throw fancy words at you (oDesk, VA, RentACoder), show you some slides with intimidating figures about how big the outsourcing industry is, give you some case-studies to ensnare you good and then just tell you just what I told you in 2 FREE lessons, you ungratefuls! (I love exclamation marks … they are perfect for creating abit of a drama.) πŸ˜€

Does this mean the end of my blog? FAR FROM IT. I still have to tell you tons about content writing, transcribing, dealing with clients, virtual companies that can help get you work, and so on. So, keep coming back for more dahlin’s.

See you on the other side … πŸ˜‰


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