Beware of Scams

DO NOT EVER BELIEVER ANYONE TELLING YOU MAKING MONEY WAS EASY! ‘Coz it’s not. So all those exciting ads that get your blood pumping and your heart beating and your mind zoning off to tropical beaches spending all that easy money ARE A SHAM. It does not happen. The way to make money is through sheer hard work. I know I am shouting a lot and acting serious today but for one I noticed my weight has gone up (1 kg … SCREAMSSSS) and I just spent senseless hours actually visiting these sham sites so I can do a blog post for you and ended up being so drawn in I actually subscribed to some. What could I do – they were very convincing. 😦

Anyway, so let me warn you against some types of scam sites.

  • Let’s Get Crafty: These will offer to sell you starter-kits for crafting toys or something and offer to buy them off you once you are done. But of course that never happens. You happily plod away in your basement, kitchen, living room at bits of yarn and pieces of chipboard and tiny nails till your mind freezes. You complete the said project and start spending the amount promised in Bloomingdales but that’s never gonna happen. Your product will always fall short of the so-called company’s standards and your “toys” will end up getting chewed by your dog.
  • We are hiring: Yep, these will promise to connect you with companies that are looking to hire remote workers. Your sorry-self will very happily pay the $50 only fee to make big $$$ with these companies but you can forget about it my dears – you ain’t getting that call … EVER!
  • Become a scammer: Oh well, this is my favorite one. So you see an ad telling you how you can make money by just forwarding emails or typing from home. ROFL … hahahahahah …. gasp gasp …. splutter … AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ahem … OK … so what happens in this case is that for the $25 or so you have paid to get instructions for how to make money online you’ll receive 1. a bunch of emails where you’ll be asked to forward them to others on your mailing lists advertising the same easy-breezy-beautiful money-making technique, or 2. a recording glorifying at-home typing jobs and basically asking you to type it and email the message to those poor, sad souls that have the misfortune of knowing you ever so slightly asking them to send you $25 so you can teach them how to make money. Either way, you end up becoming a fellow-scammer. OH MY GOD, THIS IS FUNNY. lol
  • Add a link: This one here asks you to place an ad to their website on your blog/website and they’ll pay you for it. Now some of these can be legitimate like Google AdSense but the income is nominal. But most are certainly just scams looking to trap you like this one I spent the whole morning signing up for and feeling like a total idiot by the end of it. So it lures you in with promises of big bucks and a legitimate-looking website but once you are on you keep on filling form upon form upon form till you reach the last one which, but of course, asks you to pay $75 for $1500 a month guaranteed revenue.

Sighhhh …. so do you get it or do you not? It just means being an online worker is HARD. If you seriously want to make money online you have to register with legitimate sites like oDesk, Elance etc, bid on assignments and hope that someone will trust you enough to give you your first break. It’s the same as going out into the real world after college and trying to get a job. So you may have though after a degree in Journalism CNN would pick you up right away or after a degree in software engineering, Mr. Jobs himself will beg you to join his company but you know the reality is different. You have to work your way up through an extremely competitive and ruthless market. So all you wanna-be VAs, online-workers, stop looking around for ways to make the quick buck and if you don’t believe me, here is something from a person you can’t ignore: There are very few legitimate [work-at-home job] opportunities available (Beverley Williams, President and Founder of the American Association of Home-Based Businesses).

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