International Virtual Assistants Week

Great news … I am excited. Read below (copy/pasted from an email I received):

As a prelude to the 6th Annual Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (, VAs from countries all over the world will network, both locally and online, during the 1st Annual International Virtual Assistants Week (, May 16 through 21, 2011. According to Sharon Williams, OIVAC founder, this is the FIRST and ONLY event geared toward bringing the virtual and offline worlds together. It serves many purposes, including providing the missing touch and feel that occurs during face-to-face networking; educating people in local communities about the Virtual Assistant Industry; increasing awareness; and promoting participating individual VA businesses.

“This is an exciting, new, innovative networking opportunity as International VA Week adds a component to the annual online convention that has been missing in the past and in other organizations — bringing face-to-face and online networking together” says Williams, owner of The 24 Hour Secretary, a virtual assistant company that recently celebrated 20 years in business. “This unique and revolutionary model is bound to catapult the industry into the next millennium and positively impact our ability to introduce potential customers to the concept of working with offsite, virtual support service providers”.

During IVA Week, local community-based VAs will host a “live” meet-up on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and then join in the Online International Virtual Assistant Convention Thursday through Saturday. The industry awareness campaign will include media releases, meet-ups, interviews, social media campaigns and other events geared to raise awareness and increase participation. The OIVAC rounds out the week and serves as the crowning point for the celebration.
Never before have professional virtual assistants conducted such an aggressive, worldwide on and offline business education and networking campaign. Independent business owners from around the globe are excited with anticipation.

For more information and details about how to be involved, visit the website (, where each participating country will have their own page and scheduled activities listed, email, or call 410-521-7001.

Do you understand why I am excited? Because it offers opportunities to meet fellow virtual assistants albeit online, hear their stories, get insider tips to what works and what doesn’t, AND also to meet potential clients. YES dahlins … VA firms in countries like the US and UK are always looking for talented freelancers who can work for much less than what they’d have to pay someone in their own country.

Plus, am also excited about volunteering to spread the word in my own country. They are offering a free webpage for each participating country. That would be a great platform for Pakistani VAs to announce they had arrived. I plan on joining the online meet-ups. How about you?

Till next time …. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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