How to Make Money Online

I covered some of the scams people fall for in the quest to make an easy buck online. Here are some legit ways of earning money if you are not interested in becoming a virtual assistant or the concept of VA is too difficult for you dim wits to understand. Before you get all excited, remember what I keep saying … there is no easy way to make money.  You have to put in a lot of hard word and time into  anything you do before it starts paying off. With those words of wisdom you may read on my pretties, read on …

Blogging – this is the one that has been suggested and talked about to death. I mean seriously that’s the first thing people will recommend to make money online. Don’t let my whining detract from the fact that it’s a tried and tested way of making money on the Internet. Explore a market that is yet unexplored and use it as a topic for your blog – remember, the tighter the niche, the better your chances of succeeding at it. A topic focused on selling stuff  will earn you more than something idiotic like what I am doing. Do you know AdSense disapproved of my blog for their program? Boo hoo me … sob … tears … wailing … errr … *slap … um yeah so try and have a strong focus and make it around selling stuff. WordPress has an amazing tutorial on how to go about selecting a topic for your blog that you can view here.

Affiliate Marketing – sounds fancy but is not. It means to make money off someonelse’s ideas, products, success … quite a lot like a leech. You promote their product through blog posts, buttons on your website/blog, newsletters, flyers etc and get a commission off what you sell. Visit Commission Junction and/or ClickBank to understand the idea behind the concept of Affiliate Marketing and to get started.

Selling Crafts – are you the kid that got laughed at school for being in the macrame class or for taking lessons in making cute bookmarks? Well now is the time to put those skills to use and actually make a buck off them. Go on eBay dahlin’ and chances are you can sell even the cremated canary your grandma left you. I am serious – you can sell anything on ebay. Take a couple of attractive pics (or just lift them off the Internet) and add them to description of the product you are selling and you are good to go. Or of course you can sell them on Etsy and Folksy. These are really cool sites – do check them out even if you are not into any crafts.

eBooks – gals, if you know anything about anything start putting your ideas together, get them organized into 7 chapters, spend about 2 weeks writing each chapter of about 5 pages, wrap up the whole thing (including proofreading) in 14 weeks or 3 1/2 months, give it to someone to edit, spend another month making the edits and re-reading through it and then, put it up for sale. Buying a domain name on GoDaddy costs about $12 for a whole year and hosting your wordpress blog costs around $48/year. Invest $60 in your own website, promote your eBook on it, and through social media websites like Twitter and Facebook and not only would you recover your investment but if you have researched your topic well in terms of financial viability and have put some effort into the writing trust me you’ll see a good enough profit. Take weight loss for example. We have all at some point or the other looked up for ways to loose weight on the Internet. If you write an eBook about weight loss with a fresh take on it, advertise and promote it well, there is no doubt in my mind that you will make a pretty penny off it. Same goes for pregnancy (I once made an A-Levels student help me with a pregnancy related eBook and his discomfort was hilarious), parenting,  fashion (what dress/color/cut would make you look slim 😛 ). Umm … plus if you are a cheapskate you can make a free wordpress blog and just use that. Think!

Before I say anything more, how do you like my colors (actually, 1 color – Orange). I like orange somehow. Does that make me weird? Well if you are going to think I am weird can you please think of me as a “cool” weird instead of just “weird”? Thanks.

So, that’s all I had to say on the topic. I know I am talking to a ghost-house here since no one reads this crap but since I like to hear myself talk and my friend brutally slashed down an application I wrote bringing down a 3000 words app to merely a 1000 words I needed somewhere to go ramble. I so love me.

Till next time … byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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