This day is going down in history … 2 …

This day is going down in history … 2 posts less than 24 hrs apart. Amazing! Ahem …

Yeah, so it takes two to tango. Have you heard Louis Armstrong’s song with the same title? Couldn’t find it but found another version:

Fun, eh?

Despite the digression, this is a post about virtual assistants and helping you understand the big, bad world of being a VA. In any “relationship” its very important that both parties/individuals contribute equally and communicate to avoid misunderstandings. Same goes for VAs. Let me give you 2 simple tips that will help you in keeping a healthy relationship with your client:

  1. Honesty – be honest with your client about what you can and can not do. Don’t overpromise. At the same time encourage your client to be honest and open with you. Ask your client to give you a frank opinion of your work. Make her understand that you are like any employee and you thrive on feedback which helps you understand what you are doing right and where you could improve so the experience is a mutually beneficial one.
  2. Before starting a task, spend some time with your client understanding what she wants. Ask questions, make notes, urge her to ask you questions and to give you details. Make her understand you are brilliant at managing her calendar, responding to emails, posting to her blog, doing transcriptions for her, but you are not psychic. You can’t read her mind and if she wants something she has to say it out loud. Virtual assistants don’t have the luxury of having their client around all the time. The reason why we are hired is to free up the client’s time so she can get her nails done. However, make sure that every day, even if its just for 10 minutes, you both get to communicate via Skype or email or phone and talk over the day’s work or any issues that might come up.

To summarize, you gotta work as a team ‘coz It Takes Two to Tango. 😛

Until next time ….. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

P.S. Anyone knows why my pics take up my bullets? Point in question; this post as well as the previous one. 😦


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