Running a VA Business without any Electricity

Yep – can be done. Believe me. Come summer and the govt decides we are better off with no power – will make us more hard-core. Our daddies in WAPDA (something, something Power something Authority) feel us kids are being raised too soft. A bomb blast a day, random killings, CJ sent packing home, ppl dying in hospitals coz docs have gone on strike, drones … NOT enough. Having uniterrupted electricity would make us into wusses who cry at rainbows and sunsets. We can’t have that. NO NO NO NO!

Anyhoo … so I have a power-backup. It runs my clunky old desktop for about 3-4 hours on the condition that I only run the desktop, one tubelight and one fan on it, and nothing else. The team in Hunza works under even harder conditions. Temperatures go below freezing point and stay that way from October to March. They don’t have gas to run heaters. They hardly have any electricity thorughout the year so electric heaters are ineffective. So, the generators generously supplied by a local NGO help to run the computers but the women have to work under very harsh conditions. Still, they turnaround the work in good time. I am surprised they can even work. What am I talking about?

Just wanted to vent a bit. The power crisis is driving me crazy.

Ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


One thought on “Running a VA Business without any Electricity

  1. This is incredible. I am humbled by the way you press forward. I’m trying to imagine what a wuss I’d be living over there, and it’s just abstract. I wish I could just send you a exxxxtra long power cord in the mail!!!!! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your day to day experiences, both positive and negative. This type of “on the ground” reporting is what opens my (and I’m sure so many other people’s) worlds. So much love to you!


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