Men and Women in the Business World

I felt this was worthy of putting on my blog:

In the business world . . .
a successful man is aggressive a successful woman is pushy
he’s good on details she’s picky
he loses his temper because he’s so involved with his job she’s bitchy
when he’s depressed (or hangover) everyone tiptoes past his office she’s moody, so it must be her “Time of the month”
he follows through she doesn’t know when to quit
he stands firm she’s hard
he drinks because of the excessive job pressure she’s a lush
he isn’t afraid to say what he thinks she’s mouthy
he exercises authority diligently she’s power-crazy
he’s close-mouthed she’s secretive
he climbed the ladder of success she slept her way to the top
he’s a stern taskmaster she’s hard to work for

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