Generosity and Honesty

The image just struck me as funny so I added it. 😀

I know it’s hard being a good girl in a b****y world especially when you are working as a businesswoman. You are discriminated against, laughed at, scorned, harassed, laughed at some more … and when you make it to anywhere … anywhere … you want to bite back. But somehow … it’s not satisfying. I have tried it. It just makes you more bitter. This is what I have learned. If a client comes and asks for help with a research paper while your forte is SEO, TELL HER! Don’t pretend you can do it when you know you can’t, or at the most will only produce mediocre results. If you know of someone who specializes in research work, refer the client to her. You may think, WHAT? HAS THIS WOMAN GONE NUTS … she wants me to give business to a competitor? But trust me your honesty and generosity can bring you in more work than harming your credibility by promising something you can’t deliver. The client may refer someone else to you, the person you send business to may send clients she can’t handle to you … there are endless possibilities.

Recently, I hired someone to build my website. He promised to get it done by first week of August. After chasing him up every second day and literally begging him for feedback or details regarding progress, a week before the deadline he told me he couldn’t do it because he was having trouble giving me feedback!!! WHAT??? Yeah … true story sistas. So now he didn’t just lose one client … I am NEVER gonna refer him to anyone. In fact, if someone asks for my advice on hiring him I’ll tell them to run in the opposite direction.

Same thing happened with the assistant I was gonna get. I interviewed a few, really liked one, took her out for lunch, she seemed promising. We chatted for 2 hours, decided on all terms and conditions, salaries etc. The day before she was supposed to join  I texted her to tell her I was excited about seeing her the next day, and she calmly informed me she couldn’t join for xyz reason. It was horrible I tell you. Now if she had just been honest with me and told me she wasn’t happy with the salary or she had found a better job or whatever in a timely manner I would have respected her for it … and maybe in the future if she ever needed a recommendation I’d have been happy to give her one. But there you go …

As always … I am having trouble ending the post …. so …



2 thoughts on “Generosity and Honesty

  1. Very smart. Always under promise, over deliver. No sense in promising to produce something you very well know you can’t. You’ll have greater client satisfaction in the long run, because every job you do will be a success! 🙂


  2. This is indeed very true. I have gone through the same kind of experiences in my professional career where people promise things they cant deliver as a Result of which I have developed an attitude of doing things on my own rather than finding someone to do them for me.


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