WhatsApp, Dudettes!

You know what … I could really write the ‘Girl Friday’ column in Friday Times. Perhaps even do a better job than Amina Haq did, who sucked by the way.

So, WhatsApp? If you own a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or Nokia cell you know what I am referring to. I know I am a bit late but I wanted to use it myself before I joined the mad crowd going gaga over the app. You would think a person like me couldn’t think. I agree! I both feel and think from the heart. If it wasn’t absolutely essential to have a brain to live and if it was something like a second kidney or an appendicitis I would happily get rid of it. Would definitely help in making my head feel a little lighter and also take off an ounce (that’s about how much my brain weighs, me thinks) from my weight. Where was I?

Yeah, so WhatsApp is cool because the darned thing JUST WON’T GO OFFLINE! If you are using Edge or a 3G Network or a WiFi or whatever thingamajig you use to connect to the Internet from your mobile device, the moment you are on WhatsApp goes online. The only way to turn off the thing is to go offline (no, like REALLY go offline by turning off your network) or by deleting the app. With Skype and GTalk and other IM apps you need to sign in but NOT so with WhatsApp. This may be a bit annoying at times but it’s also one of it’s nicest features. If a chat client is so important you want it on your phone then it doesn’t make much sense to whine about it not going off. Right???

What else do I like about it? Erm … I love the location sharing feature. So if a friend is coming to see you and you are as hopeless with giving directions (or knowing directions) as I am, you can share your location via a GoogleMap kinda thing. Cool, no?

You can also share photos in real time. I am NOT jumping with excitement over that but it’s an added feature and I am not complaining about it either.

Plus, I don’t need to ask ppl if they’ve WhatsApp and then sending them requests to connect. If the person is important enough you probably have her number on your phone already and if she has WhatsApp on her device, the app will pick the number from your directory. I like that … I really like that.

OK byeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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