Mourning and Celebrating a Life

Nusrat Bhutto - 23 March, 1929 to 23 october, 2011

I am not a politician. For that matter, I am not even a businessperson. I am just a simple woman who doesn’t blame kismet or fate for her life. I believe we make our own destiny. However, right now, I badly need to ramble. All my friends are offline or just appearing offline (I need new friends!) and this is the only place I can talk to my heart’s content. I am mourning Nusrat Bhutto. I am celebrating Nusrat Bhutto.

The public holiday announced by the Pakistani Government on Monday definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth especially as I see appalling comments on my friends’ Facebook  walls like, “Aur kitnay Bhutto reh gayay hain k hum chhutti manayein” (How many more Bhuttos are still alive so we can keep our hopes up for more holidays.) One person wrote, “In k marnay ka tou koi faida hua.” (Their (the Bhuttos) death had some benefit). I apologize for the bad translation … blame it on

With Murtaza and Fatima Bhutto

me being a pushtun. But I believe I captured the essence of what’s being said and it shocks me more than it saddens me. How can people be so cruel?

Standing by her Daughter

The woman lost her husband, an elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged by a martial law dictator. Her youngest child, Shahnawaz Bhutto, was (they say) poisoned by his wife who was setup for the task by the notorious ISI of Pakistan. Her other son, Mir Murtaza Bhutto, was shot dead in a police encounter during the premiership of his sister, Benazir Bhutto. Despite all that she went through, Nusrat Bhutto led the Pakistan People’s Party during her husband’s long imprisonment and eventual murder, she stood

During the MRD Movement

by her daughter quietly encouraging her to pursue Pakistani politics and fight for democracy instilling in her the confidence that played a huge role in making Benazir the first and only female Pakistani Prime Minister.

I am not condoning any acts of the Bhutto family … as I made it clear at the beginning, I know nothing about politics … I suck at it. But we as a nation have become haters … always skeptical, always jeering, always finding the worse in people. (So many doubt my intention regarding my work and ask me what my agenda really is. I tell them I am a Zionist agent using the IT Centers to secretly reprogram people and turn them Jewish!!!) It makes me want to jump in and say STOP – MY VERY SOUL FEELS POLLUTED WITH ALL THIS NEGATIVITY!

I am just standing up for this woman who was extremely courageous and brave, lived a life far more challenging than many people I know, and yet she fought back till she succumbed to her disease and age. The least she deserves is our respect.

Nusrat Bhutto, may your soul rest in peace united with all the loved ones that you lost. Amen!

Happier Days


4 thoughts on “Mourning and Celebrating a Life

  1. Good job Maria…but i dont understand why are we giving so much attention to a lady who didnt serve the country in an official capacity….does being the first Lady entititles her to Nishan e Pakistan post humously!!


    • Thanks Aamna. I am disgusted by the holiday declared by the government, I do not agree with the award, but saying things like ‘Good riddance’ or ‘Can’t wait for the other Bhuttos to die so we can get more holidays’ is in bad taste. It’s this inhumane attitude that puts me off – the woman deserves some respect for the hardships she suffered – and if you can’t be respectful at least don’t be absolute pigs either.


      • I absolutely agree with u the bhuttos didnt give their lives so we could have holidays…. But a bhutto is getting extraordinary attentuon cos her son in law is the president and he wants to cash in on the legacy!! Come on we have a lot of other people in our society who are doing a far greater service to the nation and are never appreciated in a way they deserve…. Like Edhi Sb, and many others then why only do we drum the beats of appreciation when some blue bloodied person dies and place them on the highest pedestal of morality!


  2. Just saying, don’t hate the women. She hasn’t done anything to earn that. Her son-in-law is what he is (just Google his name) … but she can’t be blamed for him cashing in on the situation. 😦


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