Alive and Well … YELP!

I am alive and well, my peeps. Just going through a bad writer’s block. Doing some cool stuff like meeting the Pakistan 25 tomorrow for dinner. Hoping to see the co-founder of All World Live who graciously invited me to the event. Will talk about the power of online work and the need for reliable Internet in the Northern Areas for job creation through IT Centers providing data entry services to remote clients.

One thing I have been dying to blog about is But just as I started working on it someone else did a swell job of writing about it. I am not known to follow ‘trends’ … so will resist the temptation. But will just say this …

Pakistan has it’s own YELP!

Yes, dahlins, it does. Put simply, is Facebook for location based services rated by the user community. What I don’t like is people only concentrating on how it’s wonderful for buying a bag of flour or getting a good deal at a salon. It does more than that … something I personally prefer a lot more than another GroupOn or GroupIn. It is a growing community of Pakistani users that rate and review various cafes, restaurants, salons, shopping malls etc. To learn more, just visit the website.

Ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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