Pakistan Blog Awards 2011

Hey Peeps, Pakistan Blog Awards are back. I am pretty disappointed they don’t advertize it better. I only heard about it from a friend who is a fashion blogger . I am not participating because even I don’t know what this blog is about exactly except for drooling over tech-stuff or just rambling and venting about the life of a businessperson in Pakistan. But I do strongly advise all of you fabulous ladies out there who run their own blogs to nominate yourselves. It’s a great opportunity and a platform for increasing readership and hence giving a much needed ego-boost (I am all about shallow stuff like that). On another note, do you remember the Desperate Housewives epi where Susan drools over Mike saying ‘hence’  and asks him to use it in front of her ex-hubbie? Hilarious!

So I was saying … please participate and let me know how it goes. If you want my support, leave me a comment with a link back to your blog page on Pak Blog Awards’ website and I’ll be happy to send a shout out to my network to vote for you (quality matters, obvi!).

Also, if you are having trouble figuring out how to vote (I fumbled for quite a bit before figuring it out), here is how you do i ~ find your fav blog by typing in it’s name in the Search bar on the home page, or by looking for random blogs under Categories that interest you. Once on the blog’s page, click on the ‘stars’ to rate it.

Best of luck!



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