3 Photos, 3 Lessons

What do you see when you look at this photo? A woman suffering from domestic violence? Slipped, fell and hit my head against a bucket full of hot water and hence the bruise. Many well-wishers were concerned and thought what you probably thought too. Was told by a friend how some ppl were speculating about trouble in heaven. How many times have you heard people say Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Perceptions can be ridiculously wrong. Always give people a chance. Don’t think the worse first. Be open to possibilities and don’t be skeptical.

*HappySigh … in the last year I have had great success as an entrepreneur and great disappointments as well. I have already mentioned a couple of million times about the certification from Project Artemis and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program – don’t worry, won’t go into that. What feels even greater is when people from my own country take notice and appreciate what I am doing. I got a right old thrill from giving a workshop at the Pakistan Blog Awards UnConference in Islamabad. The emails and twitter messages I have received since have been extremely encouraging and I know I’ll cherish them for a long time to come. For a little while I gave up on Women’s Digital League telling myself I couldn’t do it anymore and had reached a saturation point. It was pure hell I tell you. Because I know, in fact I am CERTAIN this can work. All I am looking for now is a tech partner who can help with writing code for the portal IĀ  have in mind. Been networking like crazy and taking chances viz a viz my family by attending all sorts of events and sometimes volunteering to even speak at them to raise awareness about WDL and to find someone who would work with me on this. Let’s see if I’ll find someone in 2012.

This is my fav photo of 2011. Eat your hearts out. I am fabulous and I know it. Just because I am not insecure and I don’t flaunt it doesn’t mean I am a nobody. šŸ˜€ Yes, this is how some of you sound when you throw around your accomplishments. Humility is a rare virtue and is often confused with a lack of achievements. Being humble is a trait that may not get me far with people looking for ‘confidence’ (arrogance, really) but I will never change it. I know a lot, have achieved a lot but there is A MOUNTAIN LOAD of work to be done yet both in my personal and professional life. I can’t pretend to know something when I really don’t. Saying oh I am a wonderful businesswoman coz I know it all is just not the truth. I suck at numbers, my Facebook statuses are about how to divide $500 equally among 6 women and that’s how I run my accounts. I am still confused between assets and liabilities, and profit vs revenue but I am not afraid to ask for help. Been planning to run a series of events through the country to promote awareness about online work and startups and the first one is already scheduled for 28th Jan, and I still have to get a sponsor. I am getting nightmares thinking about it but if I don’t pull it through on the 28th will that mean I am a loser who is all talk and can’t get anything done? That’s what I’d have thought a few years back but not any more. These are stumbling blocks and once I stumble and stand up, I’ll find a way to remove the obstacles or work around them and start anew. For now, fingers crossed I pull it through on the set date.

OK byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
P.S. Yes, I never edit or reread through anything I write. Feel free to b****. šŸ˜€


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