The wuss that I am, I took my friend with me to the UnConference for moral support and to ensure I don’t run away without giving the workshop. Ironically enough, she ran away before the workshop but that’s another story. Now the poor girl was bored to tears, plus she was hungry having skipped lunch – dunno why. What was I gonna say??? Ohhhh , right!

So she asked the panelist from Telenor a very hard hitting question. I don’t remember the fancy words she used which I had absolutely no idea what they meant but the gist was telecom companies are coming up with weird late night packages (11pm to 5 AM???) and the most suggestive ads with guys and girls texting each other from their bedrooms. A lot of kids these days own cellphones – what are these companies trying to promote? Are they so shallow they are exploiting teem hormones (couldn’t think of a better way to put it)?

The Telenor dude was pretty cool and clarified how the company was very careful of not giving any such messages through its packages or TV ads. I don’t use Telenor and I don’t watch Tv so dunno to what extent that’s true. But what I do know is that Warid is absolutely shameless. I keep getting ads/promotions like below – I’ll let them do the talking:

Do You Want To Make New Friends? Type 'Chat' and send to blah blah.

Who makes phone calls 11 PM onwards? Teenagers with troubled hormones? *SICK

Does Someone Have a Crush On You? Type blah blah blah and find out. *Blech

Tell me if I am exaggerating but it makes me nauseous. One day soon enough my kids will demand a phone. Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s getting really hard saying NO to a 14 yr old asking for a cellphone. What kind of risks and temptations am I handing over to him? What do you think should be done?

OK BYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee




2 thoughts on “Warid, SHAME ON YOU!

  1. true that! and apparently, Warid leads in sending the cheapest messages. With Ufone you only usually get texts about sms/call packages and Telenor has yet to send me any spam (probably because im postpaid.) but with Warid, it goes something like this: ‘baba ji k mashwaray’; ‘love meter’; ‘some indian actress k wallpaper’ andd so on.. blekh! i actually use an sms filter (something like ‘Call Blacklist’ app on Android) to keep them out of my inbox.


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