Registered, Finally!

Been busy. Got WDL registered as a sole proprietorship – FINALLY. Do you know how ridiculously easy it is? The stupid CBR website really needs to give a how-to. But, don’t fret me ladies … I am here to the rescue. Remember to sue Internet Explorer to access the website and also that below steps are for registering your company as a sole proprietorship only.

  1. Go to the CBR website.
  2. Go to the end of the page and click on NTN Certificate.
  3. Click on Apply for NTN number.
  4. Select New Registration, Tax Payer Type as “Individual”, add your CNIC number, your name (NOT company name at this point), enter the captcha numbers, and click OK.
  5. Enter your Date of Birth and Address.
  6. Click on “Select Activity” next to the long grey bar. This is a dropdown of various fields that you can use to select your business field from.
  7. Leave the rest of the fields and go to the next box that says REPRESENTATIVE on the left-hand side. (It’s a vertical blue bar covering the entire section).
  8. If you are going to collect the NTN yourself check the first box “Representative U/S 172” (advised) or if you want to send someone else to collect it then click on “Authorized Rep u/s 223”.
  9. Under SELECT choose what you think best. Pretty self-explanatory.
  10. Again enter CNIC (your own in case you clicked on first choice and your representative’s in case you went with the second choice) and Name.
  11. Enter Address, phone number and Email.
  12. Click SAVE.
  13. Leave all other fields. Scroll to the end, and click SUBMIT APPLICATION.

See why I am so annoyed. This is all you have to do. UGH!I could kill the folks over yonder at CBR. :@

Will fill you in on the rest that’s going on later.

OK Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

3 thoughts on “Registered, Finally!

    • That’s the great part – you need not pay taxes for BPO services – not until 2015 at least I believe. And I will be happy to pay taxes coz it would mean I am earning enough … 😉


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