Registered Finally Part 2: How Naiive Can One Be

I feel like a fool! I feel like a fool on a lot of occasions on a lot of days but I feel particularly stupid for writing this. I sang praises for our CBR authorities and for whoever’s government it was that made it possible for people to register their businesses online – all too soon. Here is what happened.

One fine day, a couple of days after I wrote this, I went to the CBR office in Rawalpindi (it’s near McDonald’s if you want to egg them) to collect my NTN for Women’s Digital League. Get into the office, reach the right booth, give my name, ID card number etc to the gentleman at the desk, and grinning from ear to ear I waited for him to hand me my registration. But wait! Here is how the conversation went:

Him: You haven’t filled out the form.
Me: Of course I have.
H: It’s incomplete.
M: I received a confirmation email from you guys saying I could come and pick my NTN from this office.
H: Uhhh … no Bibi … you have to fill out ALL the fields.
M: (secret sigh) OK – so now what do I do?
H: Wait – let me give you a printed form – you fill it out and I’ll feed it into the system.
M: OK.
(He hands me the print and I start filling it).
M: OK I am done.
H: (looking at it) It says you live in Rawalpindi but your permanent address is in Peshawar.
M: Yes – that’s right.
H: You better put the same address in both fields.
M: But what if my husband who is a civil officer gets posted out of Pindi?
H: Then you can change the address … no problem.
M: (secret eyeroll … yeah right!) OK.
(I fill out the firm all over again)
M: OK – I am done.
H: So how do we verify you live at this address?
M: Huh?
H: Yeah, we need to verify you actually live at this place.
M: Umm … call on my landline?
H: Nope.
M: Have someone follow me?
H: Nope.
M: Send me a letter at this address?
H: Nope.
M: *Scratch my head
H: We will figure out something.
M: OK – so you will call me or email me when my application is approved?
H: Yes, that’s right.
M: How long do you think it would take?
H: A day or two.
M: OK – thanks.

Needless to say, after about 2 weeks I am still waiting to hear from them.




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