30 Minutes of Fame and then </3

I gave a workshop at Kuch Khaas on Success with Social Media. Anyone who reads my blog knows I know nothing about that. I am forever crying about the lack of hits on my blog, I mercilessly hound my FB friends to LIKE my FB page, I hardly ever tweet (that has changed recently thanks to Annie Zaman, Saad Hamid and the Kuch Khaas team). But despite all of that, we brought Kuch Khaas on the MAP. YES, WE DID. Had a packed hall that paid Rs. 200 to listen to us. That’s roughly Rs. 50 for each person. Actually, not roughly – quite accurately.

What was I saying? Yeah, so the event was a HUGE success despite my obviously limited knowledge. I spoke about how one can use social media for social good. It’s pros and cons depend largely on the intent of the person using it. Gave my own awesome example and that of Maya Khan. I tell you – the moment the lady’s photo came on the multimedia screen the crowd burst out laughing. And it was a pretty mean pic. People are so evil.

Yeah, so obviously not everyone went away singing praises – haters will be haters – but the overall rating was pretty good. So good that the elitist, snooty Community Center asked us to come in again for a second session. The participants list was quite remarkable. We had people from UNICEF, King Zayed Institute (something something), the VP of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Islamabad Chapter, someone from the National Assembly, journalists and entrepreneurs galore. I was nervous as hell – as always but I guess it was OK. (If only it hadn’t been for that darned giggle-fit – UGH!).

The session was moderated by the lovely Qurutulain (Annie) Zaman who is the social media something something at a German not-for-profit with a name too hard for me to pronounce or remember. There was Saad Hamid – the genius blogger kid – he runs a very successful blog called Sizlopedia (or used to??) and he is the curator of TEDxMargalla. And then we had Shahzad Ahmad of Bytes For All. Dunno about the guests but we had great fun.

On a side note, the highlight of the evening for me was when the UNICEF person walked up to  me and said Hi, I am so and so and I work for the UNICEF and I said, “Oh really – how impressive – you guys are doing some really great work for children” and he asked, “Like what?” ROFL. I was like … ermmmm … that was just a polite thing to say … I dunno the specifics. Hahahahahahaha … *splutter

Why am I blogging? Because ….
…. we were promised red velvet cupcakes in return for doing the workshop. I even brought my kids and husband hoping we would get free dessert – but ZILCH is what we got. :((((((((( This is where it gets interesting!

So we get praised to the skies by Kuch Khaas, get invited to another workshop this time with a written agreement for the cupcakes, we even get a mention in some crappy newspaper (Dateline Islamabad anyone? – they even got my name wrong), and all for what?


I find out from a tweet by Jehan Ara, prez of PASHA, that Kuch Khaas is holding a blogger event tomorrow to which I AM NOT INVITED! Supposedly it’s arranged by Intel and it conveniently ignored me. HEARTBREAK </3

Those of you who feel my pain and realize the cruelty of this act, please tweet with the hashtags #Ghaddar and #WhyThisKolaveriDiIntel. Going by just how many people read this I know that will be JUST ME but for ONCE show me some support all you nameless faceless ghosts that visit my blog. I am gutted.

(This was a joke in case you didn’t get it like my joke about how 69% of all stats were made up). Below is MOI in a blue burqa – this is what my “animation and drawing skills” allowed at best).

OK Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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