Meet the SemiFinalists – I Dare BPC

Some days I read the stuff I write and can understand when people are somewhat skeptical connecting with me – I wouldn’t want to know myself – sound absolutely crazy. And then I look in the mirror and say … WHATEVER!

So, am following up on the last blog I wrote. Uploaded  a bunch of videos I made during the CRDF Global GIST I Dare Business Plan Competition (I know I don’t have to say the whole thing  – that was more for SEO – and it’s MY blog – feel free to show yourself out if you don’t like it). Surprising how good the iPhone 4 camera is. If anyone wants to buy me a b’day present (it’s 4th April) plz don’t hesitate to get me Siri. If you can’t get it without the iPhone 4S, well, I guess I’ll have to put up with it.

*scratches her head*


Oh, yeah …

I am not going to do much talking – the videos tell who they are and what they do. However, one guy I promised I would tell you more about, Ali Raza Randhawa of Pak Energy Solutions, is not someone I can do justice to if I don’t add a little more about him.

So he has a degree from the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore (yeah, that’s in Pakistan). His startup is called Pak Energy Solutions (PES) and he is working on a bio gas plant that’s powered by organic waste. Started in February 2011, look at the achievements of this kid in just a year:

1. Semifinalist at the GIST I Dare Business plan Competition 2012 in Abu Dhabi and Winner of Elevator Pitch Contest (In Progress)
Jointly organized by CRDF Global’s GIST I Dare BPC and MIT Pan Arab Enterprise Forum

2. 1st Prize – Young Entrepreneurs Business Plan Competition 2011
Jointly organized by Punjab Govt. and Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Endorsed by Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan
3. Finalist in Europe, Middle East and African Final of Global Social Venture Competition 2012
Organized by London Business School, United Kingdom
4. Exclusive Invitation by Prime Minister of Turkey for Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2011 in Istanbul
5. Semi-Finalist in Global Innovation through Science & Technology 2011
Organized by CRDF Global in Istanbul, Turkey
6. Semi-Finalist in Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2011-2012
Organized by University of Washington, U.S.
(Couldn’t attend because of lack of sponsorship)
7. Finalist and Runners Up, TiE All Asia Business Plan Competition
Qualifier into TiE New-Delhi Chapter
8. Semi-Finalist Global Sustainable Business Plan Competition 2011-2012 (In Progress)
Organized by William James Foundation, U.S.
9. Semi-Finalist in Dell Social Innovation Competition 2012 (In Progress)
Organized by University of Texas at Austin
Also, (I KNOWWWww … you never thought there’d be more, right?) he is one of the winner of the PASHA Social Innovation Fund sponsored by Google (still waiting for the fund to be released). All this guy needs is $20,000 to take his project to the next level. I really don’t understand why VCs and other investors are not throwing their money at him. It would be such a pity if this talent goes unnoticed … and NO, winning a bunch of competitions is NOT called noticing – it’s just a means to an end, in this case, funding.


Am going to just upload the rest of the videos. Watch the amazing semifinalists introduce themselves. My apologies to those I didn’t get a chance to speak to. If you are reading this and are interested please send me your short videos and I’ll be happy to add them here.


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