Yammer Gets Hammered

OK that was lame. But considering what Microsoft did to Skype I am worried about Yammer. Yeah, so the CEO is a happy guy coz he got $1.2 billion in cash nonetheless but if he is gonna stay on as the top management guy he may go downhill. And $1.2 billion – HOLY SMOKES! All I need for WDL is $50k. Sighhh … 

ImageYeah, the weather is great in Dubai. Saw a few familiar faces so am breathing easier. Met my online friend from YPO who was also a Network Administrator around the same time I was. Taught her how to wear eye-makeup – it was hilarious. 😀 I should keep a separate blog maybe for the super duper crazy fun things I do sometimes. OK , a LOT of times. 😀 And I saw penguins. Verdict? I am in love. They are the cutest things ever especially out of water. 

Yeah, so goodbye Yammer. You will be missed. I really liked your name – there was a zing to it. 

$1.2 billion …. GOSH! Wow! 

OK Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

P.S. In case you are NOT a geek and somehow on my blog, I am talking about the recent acquisition of Yammer by Microsoft

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