Warning: This Post Has Nothing To Do With Entrepreneurship!

Thursday, 22 November 2012.

A 17-yrs old student of FA Part II is dropped off by her father at her college. A while later she complains of chest pain. Within 15 minutes she is dead!

Maria Ayub was diagnosed with a serious heart problem at the age of 15. Most educational institutes require parents/guardians to state if their child/ward has any critical medical condition or allergies. I hope Jinnah College for Women, the top college for women in Peshawar, had that criterion on their form. Maria had been studying in the college for 2 years. Everyone knew of her illness.

Here is how the students present there describe the incident:

(She) started suffering which seemed to be a heart attack, early this morning at college, around 7:30am. The students say that they argued with the teachers asking them to take her to the hospital, but the teachers said they were not allowed to leave college without the college principal’s permission. The principal was not in college that early. They waited for 30 minutes till the girl breathed her last.

Teachers argue neither the nurse nor duty teacher were present that early since college starts at 8. If the college starts at 8 AM and staff does not reach until a quarter to 8, why are students allowed to go inside? Anything can happen! Like the 2 bombs that were recently disposed (November 13) at the Army Public School and College for Women in Peshawar.

Also, once teachers were informed, did they really have to wait for the Principal to come who was on casual leave that day?  Also, did the teachers have no idea Maria had a heart condition? If you undertake to take a critically ill student into your college shouldn’t you make it a point to inform all staff members about it in case of just such emergency? Why was no CPR given by the nurse? Aspirins are a common treatment for most heart diseases. Did none of the staff members think of it?

What horrifies me and makes me angry is not that Maria died. It was her time and even if someone had been there she couldn’t be helped. It’s the fact that someone with a mild problem who can easily be treated with timely treatment or through basic first aid would God-forbid be in danger of facing a similar fate.

And you know what’s ironical? Just some time before this incident the college imposed a ban on girls hugging other girls in case it … ummm … makes them sin (?!) The administration and management were both so busy saving those girls morals they neglected protecting their lives.

From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent.” (H. P. Lovecraft)


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