Idea for an App, Maybe?

We badly need a repository of all startups (between 0 and 5 years old).

Also, a database of ratings for these startups as well as freelancers.

This will enable startups to collaborate and bootstrap each other. Will also help people like myself find freelancers for various tasks based on their skillsets and work ethics.

work ethics

Yeah. I think it can be done via a simple Facebook App. Maybe the Pakistani Freelancers community can help. Badar Khushnood, you listening?

An app that all members of the page are required to sign up for. A rough mindmap would look like this:

Freelancers => First Name => Last Name => Skills (any 3)

I see a lot of people looking to hire for various projects. These people can also go to the app and see which freelancers offer what skills and they can directly connect with them. Once they find right person, they will check the freelancers name … something that shows s/he has hired xyz for xyz skill. At the end of the task, s/he can then leave a rating and comment.

This way, I am guessing we will have something that at least shows if service providers actually have the skills they claim. More importantly it will also solve a big problem where workers simply leave in the middle of a task or don’t do quality work.

What do you think? Is it too simplistic? Can it work? How much would it cost to build an FB app like that?


One thought on “Idea for an App, Maybe?

  1. I think its like reinventing the wheel. I have not searched but being ranked 3rd overall Its kind of difficult to believe that an already existing service on the lines of odesk, etc is not available in this Country. Similarly, I believe, it should always be workers selecting the clients, instead of clients selecting the workers. What I mean to say is that there should be an app where the projects are listed by the clients and its the freewill of the worker whether he wants to work on it or not. If we follow this approach, we do not have the issue of worker availability whether he is preoccupied with other projects, etc.

    As far as rating is concerned, that is a very good idea and a clever strategy should be applied against granting of badges and rating to particular workers. I am against banning a worker on negative feedbacks as they’ll join in again with some other name, etc. So its no use banning workers, etc. The client should get an idea about the worker from the rating/badge, etc.

    About repository of new brands and their rating, its seems to be a thought provoking process. I’ll spend time thinking about this some other time.


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