A short one … hopefully

Am soooo addicted to Pinterest. It’s so much fun. Found such gems … like this one. 


I mean seriously … who comes up with this genius? 

Been thinking a lot about pricing. How do people price stuff? Is it the product? The raw material used in it? It’s value? Or … ? I mean I want to have hard rates for various services TDL offers but then again … how do I put a price on it? 

And then I stumbled upon a handbag made by a Pakistani designer. Beautiful stuff. But it came with a Rs 20k ($200) tag. I mean it was gorgeous, no doubt, but I can find something similar or can have something similar made for much less. Me being me tweeted out to the designer guy and asked how he priced it. Happens it’s a one-of-it’s-kind bag. No 2 designs are same. So the price tag is for how unique his product is. 

So I guess Apple prices it’s products on …. *thinking* ……………. *thinking some more* ………………. maybe people’s stupidity? We want expensive stuff because it seems so out of reach and if its remotely nice (Yo Apple fans, before you throw a brick at me, I LOVE my iPhone) people will buy it. Could that be it? Coz it’s not unique. It has LOADS of competitors and pretty good ones too. It doesn’t do anything that a much cheaper Android can’t do. So why the price tag? Is it coz they assemble it in California? But it’s made in China. It’s like offering a special price for Ikea furniture to customers in Pakistan because hey, it’s gonna be assembled here. *headscratch 

Think about it and please explain it to me in layman’s language. 

OK byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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