A too-old-to-mention-her-age mom of 2 working from home as a virtual assistant on a mission to educate people about virtual work and to finally get the message across to friends and family that I DO REAL WORK so stop being annoying and making me feel pretentious every time I say I am busy at work. Grrr …


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  1. Your detailed steps to create profiles on Elance and oDesk are a good work. We have an opportunity in IBM for a writer with passion for IT focused career. Let me know if someone would like to apply.


  2. Maria: Listened to Alec Ross TEDxMidAtlantic talk today, where he mentioned your name. Glad to hear that you are making a difference in Pakistani Women’s life’s. Pakistan need that. Keep up that good work.


  3. Found your blog today, thanks to an article I read on LinkedIn. You have an amazing knack for writing. The examples, the writing nuances, the quirkiness.. all of it is just so seamless. I have forever wanted to be as good at my writing skills. Any tips pleaseeee?


  4. i am rubina from Peshawar KPK and working for the empowerment of the women
    now i organized a political Party with the name of “Pakistan Women Muslim Leauge”
    where we raised our voice against the injustice against women in political area


  5. I just stumbled upon this blog while searching for SECP registration process. I found much info here than on the SECP site itself! How ironic, LOL. We are looking for talented writers (of course we are a startup). If interested, feel free to send a follow up comment.


  6. Hi Maria, It’s really great to see the impact you’re creating. I’m a work at home lady ( had to leave my job due to my mother’s health concern). I followed a similar path like yours; working on oDesk and then passing on work to family, relatives, and friends. I’m trying to set-up a community platform through which I can help more people who are stuck by family obligations just like I used to be. I look forward to know if I can seek your guidance by connecting, and learning from you directly ?


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