What Am I Blogging About Again

I am a little confused! Ok, I am very confused. My blog is supposedly about me being awesome and the fact that online work can earn you $$$ and help you stop leeching off your husbands which is what women in this country are supposed to do (it has its perks, for sure). But um … been following search engine terms that people are using to find their way here and it seems like I am blogging about the following:

You understand what I mean??? Ahhh … of course honesty, sleep, lack of sleep, nervous speaker, no sleep, bilal sehgol, is what this blog is about … SO TOTALLY! *pulls out her hair* Despite the fact I understand honesty is a rare virtue to come by these days, and sleep evades us all for various reasons (no money, constipated babies, unemployment, Brad Pitt), I am having a hard time digesting this. (the ‘what clients want in content writers‘ doesn’t count – have had only 1 hit) The one that intrigues me the most though is, CARTOON VIRTUAL ASSISTANT!!! I want to LOL and CRY both at the same time.

Dear whoever-stumbled-upon-here-looking-for-info-on-honesty-and-lack-of-sleep, how do you feel after reading this c*ap? I mean, how disappointed are you? Do you want to kill me, yourself, the dog? I would really like to know. *scratches her head*

OK byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

P.S. Free tip for all you SEO-types; if you are looking to make some $$$ through Google AdSense, try a website on the above topics – they are obviously in demand.)


Digital Marketing Workshop Gone All Wrong

I just couldn’t resist this one. Received the following email from Skill Development Council, Islamabad:

“Become a Digital Marketing Expert”

Attention:HR & Training Heads, Sales / Marketing Managers, SEO Beginners, Web Developers, IT Professionals, Affiliate Marketers, SEO Business Lovers, Marketing Companies, Ad copywriters, IT and Management Students.

Women are encouraged to join this program as it will enable them to start working from their home

Digital marketing has become imperative in today’s business world. Companies are looking for business development professionals who can help them in achieving their online sales targets. Without Digital marketing strategies, proper SEO techniques, conversion optimization methods, good content and handsome targeted traffic no business can succeed online.

Skill Development Council, Islamabad feels proud to announce an Intensive Training on Digital Marketing. Seats are limited and admission will be on first come first served basis.

Hurry up! and register online.

SDC also specializes in customized In-House Training programs tailored to meet the specific training needs of our valued client organizations and to improve performance and effectiveness of its team of professionals.

SDC Islamabad shall be grateful if you may kindly nominate your staff to this valuable training program and forward this information to your friends and colleagues who may benefit by participating in this training course.

Here is what I get my kick from … the formatting of the email is all over the place (LMK in comments if you want me to forward it to you because I suck at html and can’t replicate), the colors used are atrocious (I wasn’t able to reproduce the gem), and the attachment makes me want to bang my head against the wall or ROFL. It’s a DIGITAL MARKETING workshop for crying out loud … and they’ve done a horrendous job of marketing their workshop to me. Totally worth the Rs. 10k they are charging … AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (…contd)

Tell me I am exaggerating!!

OK byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee